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Hank Mobley on Blue Note

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I am curious? on how many blue note lps did Hank Mobley play?

(the 5000 series are 10 inch lps)
5058 Horace Silver Quintet, Vol. 1, November, 1954
5062 Horace Silver Quinet, Vol. 2, February, 1955
5064 Julius Watkins Sextet, Vol. 2, March 1955
5065 Afro-Cuban/Kenny Dorham, March 1955
5066 Hank Mobley Quartet, March 1955
5070 The Eminent J.J. Johnson, Vol. 3, June 1955

1506 The Eminent J.J. Johnson, Vol. 2 June 6, 1955
1507 The Jazz Messengers at the Cafe Bohemia, Vol. 1 November 1955
1508 The Jazz Messengers at the Cafe Bohemia, Vol. 2 November 1955
1518 Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers, Nov 1954/Feb 1955
1535 Afro-Cuban/Kenny Dorham, January 1955/March 1955
1539 6 Pieces of Silver/Horace Silver, November 1956
1540 Hank Mobley with Donald Byrd and Lee Morgan, November 1956
1541 Lee Morgan, Vol. 2, December 1956
1544 Hank Mobley and his All Stars, January 1957
1547 A Date with Jimmy Smith, Vol. 1, February 1957
1548 A Date with Jimmy Smith, Vol. 2, February 1957
1550 Hank Mobley Quintet, March 1957
1559 A Blowing Session/Johnny Griffin, Vol. 2, April 1957
1560 Hank, April 1957
1562 The Stylings of Silver/Horace Silver, May 1957
1567 The Opener/Curtis Fuller, June 1957
1568 Hank Mobley, June 1957
1570 Dial "S" for Sonny, July 1957
1574 Peckin' Time/Hank Mobley, Lee Morgan, February 1958

4015 At the Jazz Corner of the World, Vol. 1/Art Blakey, April 1959
4016 At the Jazz Corner of the World, Vol. 2/Art Blakey, April 1959
4023 Star Bright/Dizzy Reece, November 1959
4031 Soul Station, February 1960
4048 Byrd in Flight/Donald Byrd, January 1960
4056 Goin' Up/Freddie Hubbard, November 1960
4058 Roll Call, November 1960
4059 Undercurrent/Kenny Drew, December 1960
4063 Whistle Stop/Kenny Dorham, January 1961
4080 Workout, March 1961

4123 A New Perspective/Donald Byrd, January 1963
4126 My Point of View/Herbie Hancock, March 1963
4149 No Room for Squares, March 1963/October 1963
4158 Good Move/Freddie Roach, December 1963
4186 The Turnaround, March 1963/February 1965
4196 Blue Spirits/Freddie Hubbard, February 1965
4202 I Want to Hold Your Hand/Grant Green, March 1965
4209 Dippin', June 1965
4222 Cornbread/Lee Morgan, September 1965
4230 A Caddy for Daddy, December 1965
4236 Mustang!/Donald Byrd, June 1966
4241 Slice of the Top, March 1966 (not released)
4259 Blackjack/Donald Byrd, January 1967
84273 Hi Voltage, October 1967
84288 Reach Out!, January 1968
84312 Charisma/Lee Morgan, September 1966
84329 The Flip, July 1969

84367 Thinking of Home, July 1970 (not released)
84425 Far Away Lands, May 1967
84426 The Rajah/Lee Morgan, November 1966
84431 Another Workout, March 1961/December 1961
84435 Straight No Filter, March 1963/February 1965/June 1966
BN LA 224 G Lee Morgan Memorial Album, September 1965
LT 1081 Third Season, February 1967
BNJ 61005 Senor Blues/Horace Silver, November 1953
BNJ 61006 Hank Mobley Quintet Featuring Sonny Clark, August 1957
BNJ 61007 The Jazz Messengers at the Cafe Bohemia Vol. 3, November 23, 1955
GXF 3052 K.B. Blues/Kenny Burrell, February 1957
GXF 3056 My Conception/Sonny Clark, March 1959
GXF 3066 Poppin', October 1957

so about 50 legitimate sessions (ie., released around when recorded.. ) plus 13 or so released later on.... i wonder how many other blue note artists recorded as much for the legendary label.. grant green comes to mind but there aren't many others that recorded as much for blue note..that is for sure..

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Hank Mobley lived in Washington DC??

from a bulletin board posting at all about jazz ...

the link:

From two postings from early September 2000 by Pat Hamby

"I met hank Mobley in 1979 in Washington DC. It was August 17th. He was married to an Italian woman named Denesch, or something like that. she was a beautiful, brilliant woman. I would love to get in contact with her. We were discussing some very important things during our meeting. all these years later, they are more clear to me then they were in 1979. could anyone tell me how to contact her? Thank you. Pat"

"Hi To Hank Mobley Fans and Friends. Some friends of mine put the information on the net about Hank Mobley on the net for me. His wife, or at least the woman he was with at the time I visited them, was named Darice. I can't remember her last name if it was not Mobley. I spent an entire weekend with them at their home in Washington. D.C. I am trying to locate Darice. She was a beautiful, Italian woman; much younger than Hank. She and I worked for Junior Achievement and that's how we got acquainted. I spent an entire weekend meeting famous musicians. Hank was an incredible person who was responsible for changing my life forever. I would appreciate any information that might be available concerning his former wife Darice. She was much younger than Hank. I have tried, unsuccessfully,to get in touch for several years. I was stunned to learn of Hank's death. I would still like to learn of Darice's whereabouts. He was previously married to an English woman and they had two daughters. I may have some unusual information to exchange. Can anyone out there help me?"

Hank Mobley "Turnaround" LP cover knock-off by hip hoppers the Beatnuts 1993 ep "Intoxicated Demons"

Miles Davis' Autobiography mentions of Hank Mobley and not in a flattering light...

Obviously one of the issues that has to be analyzed is Mobley's tenure in Miles Davis' band in 1961. The story goes that Miles did not care for Mobley's playing and felt Hank played behind the beat... It is interesting to wonder if Mobley's failed tenure in Miles' band negatively impacted his career.

Miles' mentions Mobley very briefly in his autobiography and this is the very little he had to say:

"Sonny Stitt left the band sometime around the beginning of 1961. I replaced him with Hank Mobley, and we went into the studio to record Someday My Prince Will Come in March 1961. I brought Coltrane to play on three or four of those tunes and Philly Joe to play on one. But the rest of the band was the same: Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb and Hank Mobley on two or three tunes. Teo Macero, my producer, had started to splice tape together on Porgy and Bess and then on Sketches of Spain, and he did it on this album, too. We post-recorded solos on those albums, with Trane and me doing some extra horn work. It was an interesting process that was done frequently after that."

"That spring of 1961- April I think it was- I decided to drive out to California, for a gig in San Francisco at the Blackhawk. I had been playing at the Village Vanguard when I was in New York, but the music was starting to bore me because I didn't like what Hank Mobley was playing in the band. Gil and I were working a little bit on an album we wanted to do for Columbia. But other than that, everything was slow.

Playing with Hank just wasn't fun for me; he didn't stimulate my imagination. This was about the time I started playing real short solos and then leaving the bandstand."

"But as good as my home life was, the music wasn't going too good for me during this period. Hank Mobley left the band in 1961 and I replaced him for a hot minute with a guy named Rocky Body, but he didn't work out either."

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Mobley's "No Room for Squares" LP title inspired Mayer's title.

John Mayer confirms "Room for Squares" title a play on Mobley album!

Charlotte Observer: The album's title is a play on jazz saxophonist Hank Mobley's 1963 album, "No Room for Squares." Why did you create your own version of Mobley's title?

John Mayer: I'm a jazz fan and I was flipping through a Blue Note Records coffee-table book and saw Mobley's album. There was something about the words. I'm kind of a word guy, and it just looked great.

More Mobley Transcriptions! Hank takes on Trane!

this site includes "all the things you are" solo transcription and more importantly in my opinion the transcription to mobley's own composition "tenor conclave" where he matches up with coltrane, al cohn and zoot sims. thats right: coltrane and mobley trading solos!

Play some Mobley yourself!

check out this link as it contains transcriptions to some Hank Mobley solos!

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Mobley makes MOJO 1000!!!!!!!!!

Catching up on old news- MOJO Magazine selected Hank Mobley's "Soul Station" for its "Mojo 1000 The Ultimate CD Buyers Guide to Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz, Soundtracks & More" which was published April 2001. Here is what they specifically have to say about it:

"When the jazz world turned on to the harsher sound of Coltrane, the gentler tones of Mobley- described by critic Leonard Feather as 'the middleweight champion of the tenor'- were relatively undervalued and overlooked by history. But those searching for something different will find this blue chip Blue Note date (featuring Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Art Blakey) a glorious testament to some subtle medium-bop skills."