Friday, October 01, 2004

Mobley makes MOJO 1000!!!!!!!!!

Catching up on old news- MOJO Magazine selected Hank Mobley's "Soul Station" for its "Mojo 1000 The Ultimate CD Buyers Guide to Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz, Soundtracks & More" which was published April 2001. Here is what they specifically have to say about it:

"When the jazz world turned on to the harsher sound of Coltrane, the gentler tones of Mobley- described by critic Leonard Feather as 'the middleweight champion of the tenor'- were relatively undervalued and overlooked by history. But those searching for something different will find this blue chip Blue Note date (featuring Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Art Blakey) a glorious testament to some subtle medium-bop skills."

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