Friday, October 01, 2004

Hank Mobley lived in Washington DC??

from a bulletin board posting at all about jazz ...

the link:

From two postings from early September 2000 by Pat Hamby

"I met hank Mobley in 1979 in Washington DC. It was August 17th. He was married to an Italian woman named Denesch, or something like that. she was a beautiful, brilliant woman. I would love to get in contact with her. We were discussing some very important things during our meeting. all these years later, they are more clear to me then they were in 1979. could anyone tell me how to contact her? Thank you. Pat"

"Hi To Hank Mobley Fans and Friends. Some friends of mine put the information on the net about Hank Mobley on the net for me. His wife, or at least the woman he was with at the time I visited them, was named Darice. I can't remember her last name if it was not Mobley. I spent an entire weekend with them at their home in Washington. D.C. I am trying to locate Darice. She was a beautiful, Italian woman; much younger than Hank. She and I worked for Junior Achievement and that's how we got acquainted. I spent an entire weekend meeting famous musicians. Hank was an incredible person who was responsible for changing my life forever. I would appreciate any information that might be available concerning his former wife Darice. She was much younger than Hank. I have tried, unsuccessfully,to get in touch for several years. I was stunned to learn of Hank's death. I would still like to learn of Darice's whereabouts. He was previously married to an English woman and they had two daughters. I may have some unusual information to exchange. Can anyone out there help me?"

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